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planning a golf tournament

Did you know that there are almost 25 million golfers across the United States?

It's easy to fall head over heels for a sport that's both relaxing and challenging. A fun golf tournament is one of the best ways to spend a weekend, especially if you've been more stressed than usual.

Are you wondering what you can do? Keep reading to learn all about 4 ideas for golf tournaments that new players will love.

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Golf is grand. Americans played 441 million rounds of golf in 2019. That's more than one for every person in the country. 

Many people like to go and play for fun. But others want more of a thrill. If you know some players that love a good competition, you should plan a golf tournament. 

How can you start planning a golf tournament? Who should you plan one with? What format should you adopt, and how can you attract players? 

Answer these questions and you can create the best golf tournament in no time. Here is your quick guide. 

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6 Golf Tips to Improve Your Game

Golf is one of the most difficult sports on the planet to master. It requires not only substantial amounts of practice but mental fortitude as well. In the end, the more you practice, the better your game will be. 

Need help with your golf game? Searching for some golf tips? You're in the right place! We're going to provide you with 6 golf tips for beginners!

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How to Hit a Golf Ball: Tips to Add Distance to Your Game

Are you ready to hit the links? After all, there's nothing better than spending a day in the sunshine with your favorite set of clubs.

One of the most important aspects of taking your golf game to the next level is getting as much distance on your ball from the tee box as possible. That's why you need to work on your swing. Fortunately, you've come to the right place for help.

This article takes a look at how to drive a golf ball further so that you can start trimming strokes from your game. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on maximizing your average golf drive.

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Golf courses have always been looking for new ways of inspiring their users to spend more time caring for their courses in terms of repairing divots. The divot and ball marks have always been a controversial aspect of the game of golf with some players completely ignoring them and others looking to repair all the ball marks they see. Courses usually encourage the use of a divot and ball mark repair tool because this can help the healing of the course in both the long and short-term, as well as, providing the highest-quality experience to their patrons. This makes it easier for all players to enjoy a round of golf in the best way possible.

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