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How to Plan a Successful Charity Golf Tournament

How to Plan a Successful Charity Golf Tournament

Do you want to raise money for a charitable cause? Golf tournaments carry lots of earning potential with the average

golfer event netting $5,000 and larger events earning into the six figures!

Planning these events takes effort and organization, but the hard work pays off! Read on to learn tips for golf course event planning.

Establish Your Goals

Setting your fundraiser goals ahead of time will help you better plan to reach them. It will also give others involved an idea of what to strive for.

Determine exactly what you hope to accomplish. For instance, it could be to get gifts for all of the long-term pediatric patients at a specific hospital.

Set the monetary amount you hope to reach to help buy said gifts. Giving people something to work towards makes them more apt to participate. 

Determine what you hope to spend on each child and how much you will need to raise in order to do this. Make sure it passes the SMART test of being specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Factor in toy donations that you may collect at the golf venue and set a goal for that as well, like filling a specific box.

Other types of fundraisers may also establish a goal of raising awareness about a specific issue. You can set multiple goals, just make them clear.

Decide on Strategies

How will you raise money for this event? Often, golf courses offer other ways to raise money than just the gold game.

After the tournament, a charity dinner at the restaurant on-site can help bring in extra money. You might even set up a kids' swim event at the pool to increase the earnings and include all family members.

Pick a Golf Venue

Choose the best golf course to match your vision. You will want to make sure that they can accommodate the numbers for everything you wish to do.

Visit the course and make sure it meets your standards. Talk with staff to see that they act friendly and are willing to help as this will make your big day run smoother.

Determine Golf Play Format

Decide on what type of golf game your players will participate in. To determine this, think about the people who will play.

Serious golfers may enjoy playing 18 holes of golf. For less experienced golfers, nine holes will help you keep a time limit.

You may go about the games with match play, best ball, or scramble. It should be challenging and enjoyable.


Once you set all of the details, promote! Set up a website and social media pages for the tournament when people can get details, donate, and sign up to participate.

For big events, find creative ways to promote, like handing out balls and tees with the website printed on them. Ask your gold venue to help by promoting to their members and posting it on their website as well.

Make Golf Course Event Planning Fun

Don't stress yourself out! Make golf course event planning fun by staying organized, delegating tasks, and choosing the best venue.

We pride ourselves on pleasing our guests from the gold course to the dining table. Contact us to talk details!