Bird Key Yacht Club

Two clubs are better than one..

Laurel Oak Country Club has recognized that the interests of many people seeking a country club lifestyle are broader than just golf or tennis. They want a greater variety of activities for themselves and their families. Many of them are also interested in the broad array of experiences offered by the world of boating. That’s why we have created a unique partnership with Bird Key Yacht Club.

Exclusive Reciprocal Privileges under this special arrangement, Laurel Oak members can enjoy the facilities and activities at Bird Key Yacht Club throughout the year, including boating, tennis, swimming, dining and other selected social events.


Laurel Oak Country Club members can dock at Bird Key Yacht Club for fueling, dining or even over night when space is available. Our boaters can also join their weekly Boaters’ Lunch and participate in club cruise events.


Both clubs have active tennis programs that will enrich the tennis experience of Laurel Oak members. Laurel Oak members can reserve courts at Bird Key Yacht Club and play in their Saturday morning round robins.


Laurel Oak members can arrange to use the well-equipped fitness center at Bird Key Yacht Club either daily or monthly for very reasonable fees.


The magnificent view of downtown Sarasota across the bay provides a beautiful enhancement to the variety of dining experiences available to Laurel Oak members at Bird Key Yacht Club. Dining options range from gourmet meals to more casual fare and dining indoors or out on their Sun Deck.

Social Events

Bird Key Yacht Club has an active calendar of social activities for its members that are also available to Laurel Oak members.

Laurel Oak Country Club with Bird Key Yacht Club is the club combination for those who enjoy a broad combination of interests.